General spanish course


It is a course designed for people from 17 years old onwards interested in learning or improving their Spanish, from absolute beginners (A1.1) to advanced level (C1). The student, once registered, must take a level test to find out which level he or she should take.



This course can be taken from October on. It is given 2 days a week, one session each day of 75 minutes. On Friday we will share the contents in a common platform so that those students who want to can spend some extra time on Spanish and improve more. The course timetable is established within one of the following time slots (always according to Spanish timetables):

  • From 09.00-12.00.
  • From 12.00-15.00.
  • From 16.00-19.00

Each week the classes will contain the following points:

  • Explanatory videos of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Videos of short films, fragments of series or films to work on, documentaries…
  • Exercises and resolution of doubts.
  • Individual oral presentations by students on different topics.
  • Debates and group work to reinforce the speaking skills.



The class load each week is as follows:

  • 3 hours of tutorials with the teacher to work on different topics
  • 1h of video viewing and note taking for study
  • 2h of work with extra resources online: see the material, do the proposed exercises, note down the vocabulary, practice pronunciation by repeating dialogues…
  • 2h of practical exercise work and study of the subject
  • 1h of preparation for the weekly presentation of the study theme

9h per week of course are certified in the certificate at the end of this course.



This course is taught at the following levels:

  • A1.1: Absolute Beginner Level
  • A1.2: With little knowledge of Spanish
  • A2.1: Basic level
  • A2.2: Extended basic level
  • B1: Intermediate level
  • B2: Advanced level
  • C1: Proficiency level



Students must:

  1. Be willing to learn
  2. Have a mobile device with an internet connection (preferably a tablet or computer to be able to see the digital book correctly and follow the classes) with the microphone and camera enabled.
  3. Have permission from a legal tutor to use the camera and microphone during the classes.
  4. Both the legal tutors and the students must sign the rules of use attached to the registration form.



AUTUMN COURSE: from 12th October to 18th December.


WINTER COURSE: from 11 January to 19 March.


SPRING COURSE: from 12th April to 18th June.



Each course will have a limit of 10 students per group. Admission will take place in strict order of registration. In order to sign up for the course students must:

  1. Complete the registration form at the following link: Online registration.
  2. Once they receive an answer from the secretary´s office, they must make the payment.

    3. We will send a link for the student to take the level test.



Price of the course: The price depends on the period you want to pay:

1 46€ 39.1€
2 88€ 74.8€
3 126€ 107.1€
4 160€ 136€
EXTRA WEEK 40€ 34€

We now have a 15% discount for all courses paid before 30th October 2020.



The book used is in digital format, and it is included in the registration fee (each level has only one book plus additional material provided by the school).



The classes will take place on the day and time previously set. If a student is unable to attend any of the classes he/she will not be entitled to any compensation. They will be able to see the class that has been previously recorded, which will be available to them for 1 week.

Once the course has started, no refunds will be given under any circumstances.

There are no classes on local and national holidays or during holidays. If a holiday coincides with one of the class days, 1 of the class hours will be made up with a 40 minutes class and the student will be provided with extra material to work on.

*Each teaching hour consists of 50 minutes of class time.