It is a course designed for people aged 17 and over who are interested in obtaining the DELE certificate (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language from the Cervantes Institute). Once registered, the student must take a level test to find out what level of Spanish he or she has and tell us which DELE level he or she wants to register for. Ideally, the student should take the DELE exam corresponding to the level they currently have, otherwise it is more difficult for them to acquire the necessary skills with this course starting from a lower level.


The duration is 4-6 weeks, with the following structure:

  • Viewing of 4-6 explanatory videos of about 15-20 minutes each, with tips and strategies to overcome the DELE.
  • We will carry out 1 test a week to practice and improve in each of the different areas, receiving an individual progress report at the end of each test, indicating the points of improvement and the evolution of the students individually. The following structure will be followed for the completion and correction of each of the tests:
    • 2 weekly sessions to explain and correct the written and oral expression parts of 75 minutes each, as well as any doubts that may have arisen in the other parts.


The hourly load each week is as follows:

  • 3 teaching hours of tutorials with the teacher to work mainly on oral and written expression, and doubts about the rest of the parts of the test. Grammar classes will not be given as such, only specific doubts will be answered, as it is assumed that the level of Spanish corresponding to the DELE being prepared has been reached.
  • 3 hours for the individual completion of the written comprehension and expression parts, as well as the listening part. Once this has been done, the score obtained in the self-correction must be transferred to the teach r, according to the model that we will give you on the first day.
  • 4h of work on the test received: see the material, note down the vocabulary and fundamental structures, practice pronunciation by repeating the listening…
  • 1h preparation for the weekly presentation of the study topic and picture.
    In the certificates with this course, 11h per week of course are accredited.


This course is taught at the following levels:

  • DELE A2
  • DELE B1
  • DELE B2
  • DELE C1


Students must:

  1. Be willing to learn
  2. Have a mobile device with an internet connection (preferably a tablet or computer, although it could also be monitored via a mobile phone) with the microphone and camera enabled and in use.
  3. Sign the rules of use attached to the registration.


Start dates:    

  • November 2nd
  • 11th January
  • 1st March
  • 3rd May
  • 5th July

You can join the course any Monday. Please note that you will have to take a different test every week.


Each course will be limited to 10 students per group. Admission will take place in strict order of registration. In order to register it is required to:

  1. Fill in the registration form at the following link: Online registration.
  2. Once you receive the answer from the secretary´s office, you must make the payment.
  3. We will send a link for the student to take the level test.


This course can be booked as follows:

1 69€ 58.65€
2 132€ 112.2€
3 189€ 160.65€
4 240€ 204€
EXTRA WEEK 60€ 51€

We now have a 15% discount for all courses paid before 30th October 2020.